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Started as Westrend Blockchain Technologies, Mindgenix is the most advanced software development team in the Philippines specializing in blockchain solutions and ICO services.

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Mindgenix Technology Inc. offers ICO and blockchain services and solutions such as website, whitepaper, smart contract and software development.

Blockchain Development Tools

A new generation of advanced technology is here and Mindgenix Technology Inc. can integrate this technology across diversified industries, improving efficiency and trust.

Secured Transactions

By utilizing Ethereum Smart Contracts, all of our products and services are guaranteed safety and security.

Setup Ease

Mindgenix makes your ideas happen with ease. As our team is equipped to cater to all your ICO and development needs, rest assured that our service will meet your satisfaction.

24/7 Support

We have live chat available to answer all your concerns, issues, and questions.

Our Products and Services

Token Sale Dashboard

The Token Sale Dashboard was designed and created to give ease and a better interface for potential investors to use.

The Dashboard mainly uses the Firebase authentication service for easier logins using social login providers such as Facebook, GitHub, Twitter, and Google (or Google+) and its database service to keep track of users on the dashboard and platform. It features whitelisting, tutorials, real-time announcements and transaction logs, an easy interface for buying and managing tokens and automated token distribution.

Professional Branding

Potential investors will remember you through your brand. Your vision, goals, and chosen design will leave that impression you need to be remembered. Mindgenix offers the creation of your brand design including your logo, content creation, and whitepaper development to show your unique identity and have investors hooked to your product or service.

Token and Smart Contract Creation

Cryptocurrencies, Utility Tokens, Smart Contracts and such are the running forces of existing blockchains. In order to integrate your system into the blockchain, an understanding and utilization of these is necessary. We offer to start your journey in the blockchain innovation by integrating smart contracts into your business or service, to create your very own cryptocurrency, or to enable advanced blockchain technology for your system.

Platform Development

In the rising development of blockchain technology, more industry leaders and specialists have their eyes set on decentralized applications and software. Mindgenix specializes in blockchain solutions for your desired platform, software, or application.

Be it a simple database using smart contracts for your business, a completely decentralized app, or standard software development, we can do it for you.


Alongside the development of beneficial technology and innovations made for the good of many, are technology that are used to abuse, take advantage of, and prey on others. A technology created without proper security will easily fall prey to the hands of those with ill intentions, causing losses and issues to the victims. The blockchain by itself is secure but centralized management, such as exchanges, that access the blockchain is still vulnerable.

Which is why we also provide 24/7 security for your blockchain solutions. Our team consists of pioneers in the blockchain and cybersecurity veterans, so rest assured that our service to you is secure.

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Mindgenix aims to partner with industry leaders to bring blockchain into their specific industries.

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What We Do

Mindgenix specializes in blockchain applications for both practical and industrial use but we also provide other services and solutions.

Website Development

As part of the brand design and creation, a website will show what you have and can offer to your visitors and potential investors. Having a good website will show your unique identity and a lasting impression to be remembered.

Token Sale Dashboard App

In addition to the Token Sale Dashboard, we also developed it as a mobile application. It gives easier management, easier tracking, and enables mobility between you and your investors.


Have an awesome idea but not sure how to proceed with it? We also offer consultation to make your idea into a plan towards greatness. Our team provides constructive feedback and support as we make your vision into a reality.

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Mindgenix Technology Inc. – 6th floor, Cyber 1 Bldg., #11 Eastwood Avenue, Eastwood City, Cyberpark, Bagumbayan, Quezon City, Philippines.

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